05Ric Playing His Extended Range Guitar

Musician 05Ric planned this extended range guitar over the course of two years – an instrument first looked at in Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass. Now let’s take a look and have a listen to 05Ric on his Crimson Guitars ERB: Thanks to reader Ray DeGennaro for pointing out this Youtube video.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller is gone…

UPDATE: ABM Mueller has returned! For more, read Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller Is Back! ABM Mueller, makers of high quality guitar parts and a headless bridge seen on several featured guitars, appears to be out of business. Their site is still up but word on this Project Guitar Forum thread is that the owner […]

Crimson Guitars' ERB in Pictures - Part 1

Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1

In Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass, I introduced you to this unusual seven string instrument – part Chapman Stick and part conventional guitar. Now we’ll get to know the guitar better through a series of progress pictures. The multi-laminate neck, seen here sitting on the plan drawing, will provide the strength necessary for this […]

Alan Barley’s Forshage Ergonomic Headless Guitar

While staying true to his ergo guitar design, Chris Forshage still tailors each instrument to the customer. In this case, Alan Barley had his guitar built with several differences including a thicker 1.75″ chambered body and 14 frets of clear access. For tonal variety, Alan’s guitar includes Schaller Golden 50’s pups, a Duncan single coil, […]

Guitar Making: Tradition and Technology – A Review

A comprehensive text, the book is a step by step guide to both steel string and classical guitar construction.

Roger Placer Improv on his Klein Guitar

Have a listen to guitarist Roger Placer improvising over a loop of his song “Red River, Blue Sky” which first appears in its entirety on his 2003 album “Solo Archipelago”. Roger is playing one of his main instruments – a chambered spruce Klein electric guitar. You’ve seen Roger featured before playing his other main guitar […]

Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass

It’s taken two years of design but Ben from Crimson Guitars and extended range bassist 05Ric have collaborated to produce the extraordinary bass guitar you see here. Its beautifully minimalist appearance aside, the instrument contains several interesting features and design choices. Ergonomics – Shape, Weight and Balance The main motivations for the Klein inspired design […]

Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Neck

Having covered the Shamray guitar body, it’s now time to look at some of the steps in building the guitar neck. Here’s a good look at the wood that will make up the headstock, the fretboard and the 3 piece laminated neck: A laminate guitar neck is more dimensionally stable than a one piece neck. […]

September 2007 Most Popular Posts

The “votes” are in and here are the most popular posts for the month of September broken out into two categories – most comments and most visits. Most Comments: 1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – My tongue in cheek take on the bit of silliness known as the Gibson Reverse […]

Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Body

Shamray Guitars was kind enough to share progress pictures of the Ovation Breadwinner style 12 string guitar we looked at in Shamray Guitars Reinterprets the Ovation Breadwinner. Let’s take a look at some of the steps in the building of the guitar body… The initial mockup: The sapele body blank: The plan drawing on the […]