05Ric Performing Goodbye

Extended range bassist 05Ric performs a short clip from “Goodbye” – a song “about a time when I was at a crossroads” – from his upcoming album “Circles” with drummer Gavin Harrison.

Part guitar, part bass and part Chapman stick, the custom instrument is the result of 05Ric’s collaboration with Crimson Guitars. Covered in detail in the article, 05Ric Extended Range Bass, the ERB is based on a Klein influenced body design and includes a number of interesting elements like a multi-laminate neck, a custom piezo equipped bridge and pickups hidden beneath the surface. For even more, check out our 3 part series of progress pics – part 1, part 2 and part 3.

5 Responses to “05Ric Performing Goodbye”

  1. Hey Rob,
    Thanks for the posting 🙂 Just a quick note that an 11-string is about to be built by Ben (Crimson Guitars) for me. I’ll keep you updated.


    1. Always great to have you stop by and I really enjoy your playing!

      Definitely let me know how the 11-string is coming!

  2. Very interesting, as always, both your playing and the instrument! Keep it up!


    1. Thought you might enjoy this one!

  3. Gavin Harrisson is a swell drummer. Have seen him a couple of times (4 I think!) with Pocupine Tree. His videos “cymbal song” and “drum song” are quite cunning… (?!).

    Great playing Ric. But nevertheless, where was the bass playing in THAT particular tune? 😉