Extended Range Bassist 05Ric

05Ric, extended range bassist (and drummer), dropped by a few days ago with a quick update on his previously featured custom ERB – the instrument 05Ric and Ben of Crimson Guitars collaborated on for two years.

I’ve now had this beauty for over a year and still love her – considering she was to be a prototype. Also to say Ben is king!

The link is another video that shows what she can do, also a little preview for the forthcoming album.

And now here’s 05Ric playing his ERB solo through Guitar Rig 3.

3 Responses to “Extended Range Bassist 05Ric”

  1. Beautiful tone and bass. Excellent idea carried out very well!


  2. That is too cool! the ergonomical, economical, string-machine!

  3. Great Stuff, I cant get over the sound! this is music to my ears.
    Makes me want to write music!