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Now Passing Post 200...

Now Passing Post 200…

It took 1.5 years to get to the first 100 articles on BTEG but only 10 months later we’ve hit 200 posts! And a lot has happened in those months. Let’s see.

May 2008 Most Popular Posts

May 2008 Most Popular Posts

Time for the monthly roundup of most popular posts. Did you miss any the first time around?

The Littlest Guitar Builder

In an unprecedented act of nepotism, BTEG adds newborn son Alejandro Logan Irizarry to the staff.

500,000 Page Views and Rising

Strike up the marching band and break out the kazoos! Saturday night, Building the Ergonomic Guitar served its 500,000th page!

Reader Recommendations May 2008 Edition

The following books come recommended by fellow BTEG readers – either in comments or by email. Have you read these?

April 2008 Most Popular Posts

April 2008 Most Popular Posts

Here are April 2008’s most popular articles. Did you miss any or forget to leave a comment?

Threaded Comments Are Back

Threaded comments? What are threaded comments? Glad you asked.

Thank You Guitar Parts Central

For over a year, they’ve helped me focus on the business of bringing you content rather than worry how hosting expenses will be covered.

March 2008 Most Popular Posts

March 2008 Most Popular Posts

Here are the most popular articles for the month of March. Take a look – did you miss any?

2008 April Fool’s Day Tip

Just in case one of the big guitar companies tries to fool you about so-called advancements in their products, here’s a quick visual guide to help you out.