March 2008 Most Popular Posts

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Here are the most popular articles for the month of March. Take a look – did you miss any?

Xavier Padilla’s Torzal Custom Electric Bass Guitar – This custom bass guitar for Xavier Padilla was the result of over 6 months of discussion with the Gipsy Kings bassist.

Guitar Parts Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – Folks continue to flock to this article for ideas as well as resources for headless guitars – particularly headless bridges.

The Orchid Bass Sprouts An Unusual Neck – Toone’s departure from the Klein inspired designs of other ergo guitar builders addresses ergonomics for both men and women.

Make Your Own Headless Guitar Tuners! – Jeff Turpin’s DIY tuning solutions continue to inspire.

The Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar – This ergo guitar continues to gain followers. Without a doubt, it’s a highly successful design from both a musical and a design perspective. Here’s a figured maple top example – Forshage Guitar – Black and Beautiful.

4 Responses to “March 2008 Most Popular Posts”

  1. Robert, one thing you could consider writing about at this juncture would be a summary of your own “ergo” journey since you started this blog. You’ve done research into many areas; you’ve dug up references and names and been in touch with luthiers; you’ve even built a guitar. I think you started with that, if I’m not mistaken.

    So – where has it led for you? What instrument do you actually play now, and is it meeting your needs? Any gear lust for some of the fine items you’ve profiled here? Are you done with your personal quest for an ergonomic instrument?

    Just a thought for somethin’ to blog about!


    1. Agreed Roger. It’s time for not only a wrap up on the first guitar project (and yes this is how the blog started) but a summary of where I think we are and where it’s taken me. It’s coming… 🙂

  2. Cool. I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

    My ergonomic acquisitions in 2007 spoiled me for nearly all other guitars. 2008 promises to be an interesting year as well. Another cool project is just getting underway, and when something tangible arises, I’ll share that with you. Don’t want to say much, except that it will have 6 steel strings and it will not need an amplifier. 😉

    1. @Roger – Looking forward to hearing more. Sounds exciting!