Bridges,pickups and related stringed instrument parts.

ABM Headless Bridge in Detail

Finding little detail available on the ABM headless bridge system, Romano decided to do some documentation and share both his observations and the plan drawing he drew up.

Strandberg’s Floyd Rose Replacement Tremolo

Until now, the main way to get a tremolo bridge for a headless guitar has been to opt for a Steinberger bridge. However, Ola Strandberg’s work on a Floyd Rose replacement tremolo designed for headless guitars stands ready to change this.

Lace Alumitone Pickups

“What do pickups have to do with ergonomic guitars?” In the case of the radically different Alumitone pickups, the answer is “Potentially quite a bit.”

Marynowski Headless Guitar Tuning Keys

A well thought out DIY solution for headless guitar tuners.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller Is Back!

Guitar parts maker ABM Mueller is back in business!

Owner Feedback on the Bondy Guitar Bridge

Owner David tells us about his experiences with the Bondy headless fixed bridge.

A DIY Headless Guitar Tuning System

An ingeniously simple approach to a headless bridge system.

Bondy Headless Guitar Bridge

Machinist Jon Bondy’s fixed bridge replacements for the headless Steinberger Trans-Trem, S-Trem, and R-Trem bridges.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller is gone…

UPDATE: ABM Mueller has returned! For more, read Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller Is Back! ABM Mueller, makers of high quality guitar parts and a headless bridge seen on several featured guitars, appears to be out of business. Their site is still up but word on this Project Guitar Forum thread is that the owner […]

Headless Guitar Parts Resources

Headless guitar designs are particularly suited to ergonomic guitars. By eliminating the weight of the headstock and centralizing the weight of the tuners close to the player’s body, headless stringed instruments can end up with significantly better balance. Bass guitars particularly benefit from moving those heavy tuners off the end of a long scale neck. […]