Canton Klein Style Guitar Demo

Al Shaffer demos his made to order 2009 Canton Custom Klein Style Guitar.

The first two tracks are the neck pickup direct into a Carr Rambler with a Kingpin 60 speaker and the third track is the bridge pickup direct into a Tech21 Trademark 10 in a Blues Junior cab with a vintage JBL K-120 speaker with a scooped mid tone setup.

Everything was recorded with a Panasonic Lumix digital camera in movie mode with the camera mic.

The Specs


  • Chambered contoured mahogany body with curly maple & lace wood laminates
  • Hand bent curly maple top
  • Jon Bondy fixed bridge
  • Poly gloss finish on the body and top
  • Flush mounted strap locks and output jack
  • Rosewood pickup rings
  • Q-tuner pickups


  • Steinberger headpiece
  • Curly mahogany neck
  • East Indian Rosewood fretboard
  • 18″ fingerboard radius
  • Jumbo stainless steel frets 0-15
  • Medium stainless steel frets 16-24
  • Oil finish on neck

4 Responses to “Canton Klein Style Guitar Demo”

  1. Al,
    Thanks for the demo — some great sounds out of that guitar! Do you still have your Koll ergo, too?

    Rick, another beautiful job!


  2. Hey Marc,
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I still have the Koll RE/7F too. I still am having trouble adjusting to the seventh string on the Koll so Rick is building me a baritone 6 string multi-scale guitar with a headess full fanned fret design and a chambered 2.5 to 3″ body depth. We’ll be using the Ola Strandberg individual bridge pieces and string locks. It will have somewhat the same style body as the Koll in that the upper bout will be a somewhat normal guitar shape and the lower bout will be a Klein style shape with a Canton touch. I hope to be able to use it with my trio as a bass instrument.


    1. Al – Let me know how the Canton multi-scale comes along!

  3. If you haven’t seen Al’s Koll RE/7F check out the article Koll Guitars Multi-Scale Archtop.