Improv to Let the Chips Fall

Guitarist Roger Placer performs his improv to Let the Chips Fall – from Praful’s album “One Day Deep.” Roger plays a custom Forshage ergonomic headless guitar through a Fender Princeton Reverb amp.

For more on the Forshage custom guitar, take a look at some previous coverage:

7 Responses to “Improv to Let the Chips Fall”

  1. Chris — beautiful
    Roger — diggin’ the groove (@ 1:55+ is sweet)

  2. Something interesting I found here… It’s for the first time in my life I hear about “Ergonomics” and especially “Ergonomic guitars” – so, I looked for the explanation of this word… hm, very very unusual seems to me… but, the guitarist plays really cool!

  3. Smoooth!

  4. Great jazz/blues chops.

    Loved it!

    Really enjoyed the video all the way.

    Klaus Tol

  5. really cool playing for sure. Just so cool fingering and thumbing your way and all of a sudden theres a pick. Cool jamming groove. En

  6. Ooo, thanks for the nice comments! (and to Rob for resurrecting this for content on BTEG) Wait til you see what is up Chris’s sleeve next! Expect another video demo, hopefully by the time the snow is all gone.

    Peace –

  7. It’s a P ‘Verb! Love that old amp; got one myself, even.

    I love Chris Forshage’s work. I live in Houston, so I’ve always considered approaching him about a Summer apprenticeship, you know, a kind of a “I take out the trash and sweep the floors and clean the toilets, and in return you teach me how to build an instrument” kind of arrangement.