Headless instruments and alternative approaches.
Headless Baritone - Andrews Guitars

Headless Baritone – Andrews Guitars

Guitar builder Aaron Andrews delivers a unique headless baritone guitar designed for playability and sonic variety.

Update on Reith Headless Guitars Parts

I’ve had a few inquiries as to why Building the Ergonomic Guitar hasn’t covered Reith Guitar’s headless bridge parts so I contacted them about availability. Here’s what they had to say.

Musicyo.com Stops Selling Steinberger Guitars and Parts

The online vendor Musicyo.com stops selling Steinberger guitars and parts.

ABM Headless Bridge in Detail

Finding little detail available on the ABM headless bridge system, Romano decided to do some documentation and share both his observations and the plan drawing he drew up.

Strandberg’s Floyd Rose Replacement Tremolo

Until now, the main way to get a tremolo bridge for a headless guitar has been to opt for a Steinberger bridge. However, Ola Strandberg’s work on a Floyd Rose replacement tremolo designed for headless guitars stands ready to change this.

Marynowski Headless Guitar Tuning Keys

A well thought out DIY solution for headless guitar tuners.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller Is Back!

Guitar parts maker ABM Mueller is back in business!

Owner Feedback on the Bondy Guitar Bridge

Owner David tells us about his experiences with the Bondy headless fixed bridge.

A DIY Headless Guitar Tuning System

An ingeniously simple approach to a headless bridge system.

ETS Headless Guitar Bridge

ETS Headless Bridge hardware for bass and guitar.