Headless instruments and alternative approaches.

Ergonomics and Headless Guitars

On the benefits of headless tuning bridges for ergonomic guitars.

Bondy Headless Guitar Bridge

Machinist Jon Bondy’s fixed bridge replacements for the headless Steinberger Trans-Trem, S-Trem, and R-Trem bridges.

Henry Olsen's MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Henry Olsen’s MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Innovation in acoustic guitar design.

Make Your Own Headless Guitar Tuners!

Reader Jeff Turpin shares several approaches to DIY headless instrument bridges.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller is gone…

UPDATE: ABM Mueller has returned! For more, read Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller Is Back! ABM Mueller, makers of high quality guitar parts and a headless bridge seen on several featured guitars, appears to be out of business. Their site is still up but word on this Project Guitar Forum thread is that the owner […]

Alan Barley’s Forshage Ergonomic Headless Guitar

While staying true to his ergo guitar design, Chris Forshage still tailors each instrument to the customer. In this case, Alan Barley had his guitar built with several differences including a thicker 1.75″ chambered body and 14 frets of clear access. For tonal variety, Alan’s guitar includes Schaller Golden 50’s pups, a Duncan single coil, […]

Headless Guitar Design Alternative – Scott French

Headless guitars lend themselves to ergonomic design through their potential to improve instrument balance and centralize weight closer to the guitarist’s body where it is more easily carried. Unfortunately, headless guitar parts are limited in choice, tend to be expensive and even hard to source. (Read more about some options at Headless Guitar Resources.) For […]

The Koll Electric Guitar RE 7/6

As we’ve seen in previous posts on different approaches to headless guitar designs, conventional tuners can be repurposed for use in a headless guitar design. Here we see Koll Guitars’ solution as seen on their Custom RE. Here is a closer view of the tuners lined up in a row on the body side: For […]

Alternative Headless Guitar Design – Soloette

Soloette Guitars illustrate another alternative in the pursuit of a headless guitar design. Like the TK Instruments Hollow Body electric guitar seen in Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments, the Soloette models make use of conventional tuners in an unconventional manner. Essentially, a conventional classical guitar headstock and tuners are located at the body […]

Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments

As discussed in Headless Guitar Resources for the Guitar Builder, the headless guitar design lends itself to the pursuit of an ergonomic guitar design. With the headstock’s weight removed and the tuners relocated to the body, the guitar’s balance improves significantly. This improvement in balance was one of the driving forces behind Ned Steinberger’s redesign […]