Alternative Headless Guitar Design – Soloette

Soloette Guitars illustrate another alternative in the pursuit of a headless guitar design. Like the TK Instruments Hollow Body electric guitar seen in Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments, the Soloette models make use of conventional tuners in an unconventional manner.


Essentially, a conventional classical guitar headstock and tuners are located at the body side of the guitar. This, in turn, permits the use of conventional bridges. Together, these provide opportunities for increased design and implementation flexibility as well as reduced costs.

2 Responses to “Alternative Headless Guitar Design – Soloette”

  1. Gives a whole new meaning to “air guitar.”

    1. It is quite a unique guitar and I think that the “body” design is something to consider as well. Obviously, it would reduce weight considerably. With the appropriate design elements, it could also be adapted to provide substantial support for the picking arm as well…