Straps, picks and other items for improved playing comfort.

How to Hold the F-1 Guitar Pick

The F-1 Guitar Pick is a different kind of pick – one that seeks to improve picking hand ergonomics and potentially your playing as well. Where most picks are flat, the F-1 pick is designed with a built-in grip that locks the pick in position avoiding the shifting and slipping that can occur with a […]

Big Rock Guitar Picks

Guitar picks, despite varying in size, thickness and material, typically share one common trait – they’re flat and thus lack an adequate grip surface. Sweaty fingers and/or heated play can lead to trouble holding the guitar pick as it shifts position or ends up being dropped. In response, the guitar player may end up squeezing […]

The Dare Guitar Strap Now Available Through Planet Waves

The Planet Waves Dare Guitar Strap is designed to improve guitar playing ergonomics by distributing the weight of the instrument across both shoulders as seen here: Available for several years directly from designer Troy Dare, effective this month it is being distributed through major player D’Addario’s accessories arm – Planet Waves. This is a great […]

Make Your Guitar More Ergonomic with The Lap-Strap

As Thomas Heck states in his article, A New ABC for Holding the Guitar: Aguado + Bassoonist strap = Comfort, “guitarists have wrestled for a long time with the question of how best to hold the guitar when one is seated.” The issue of how to best hold the guitar was a primary concern of […]

An Ergonomic Guitar Pick?

That’s what I wondered when I came across the Big Rock guitar pick. In fact, this is exactly what this unique design promises. The F-1 and X-1 guitar picks from Big Rock Engineering improve the guitarist’s grip on the pick through the use of a concave surface that helps the guitarist hold the pick in […]

Guitar Accessories for Ergonomics

In Make Your Guitar More Ergonomic, I discussed some general ways to address issues of weight, balance and playing effort in an existing guitar. The following list of guitar accessories further illustrate how a guitarist can improve the ergonomics of a guitar with a minimum of effort. Below is the Planet Waves Dare Guitar Strap. […]