Stops Selling Steinberger Guitars and Parts

The online vendor has stopped selling Steinberger guitars and parts. According to the site, the “complete line of Steinberger including Spirit, Synapse and the revolutionary new ZT3 TransTrem-3 equipped guitars will soon be available exclusively from” retailers.

What’s unclear is what’s happening to the headless guitar parts line. Despite constant problems with availability, was the official seller of both Steinberger and Synapse parts. Will these headless guitar parts now appear in the retail channel? A quick review of several official online retailers showed only guitars available – no parts.

As follow up, I’ll be reaching out to Gibson Guitar Company to find out more about the parts situation. I’ll also be overhauling the popular article Headless Guitar Parts Resources to account for these changes as well as additional headless bridge resources and ideas.

Thanks to guitar bridge maker Jon Bondy for pointing out this news.

2 Responses to “ Stops Selling Steinberger Guitars and Parts”

  1. MusicYo MAY be just stop selling STEINBERGER headless guitar parts. I mean, original that is. Which must mean they’ve either run out of patent and leave every TransTrem and S-trem design out to anyone who wants to make the plunge.

    There are other headless resources, however, the only other Steinberger ones are.. you guessed it, Ed Roman.

    1. Certainly possible. I’m still trying to find out more as to whether or not they will still sell the original stuff. They are still selling Spirit guitars which use the older designs so we’ll see.