Update on Reith Headless Guitars Parts

I’ve had a few inquiries as to why BTEG hasn’t covered Reith Guitar’s headless bridge parts so I contacted them about availability.

As with a prior conversation about a year ago, the parts page is there strictly for Reith Guitar owners. These are sold strictly as replacement parts. Too bad really since the parts look quite interesting.

But even with the recent news that Musicyo is no longer selling guitar parts, plenty of resources remain. Check out Headless Guitar Parts Resources for a list of headless guitar bridge options. Many of these are fixed bridge options but Strandberg’s drop in Floyd Rose replacement bridge looks very promising for those who need some whammy with their playing. Expect a major rewrite of this resource soon.

One Response to “Update on Reith Headless Guitars Parts”

  1. Anybody ever play a Reith? I love the look and the options available on these guitars, but I can’t seem to find one reputable review about them, apart from the non-press testimonials on the website.