Gary Kramer Turbulence Electric Guitar

An extended range 7 string guitar, the Gary Kramer Turbulence adapts the Delta Wing’s swoopy body shape to accomodate the instrument’s range.

Turbulence Electric Guitar

According to the site, these changes include an enlarged lower body scoop and a redesigned sculpted neck heel area.

Also noteworthy is the use of two fret sizes. Medium jumbo frets are used for frets 1-24 and skinny tall frets are used from 24-36 in order to “achieve better fret spacing in the hyper range.”

Headless Monster Bass Guitar Wood

The Turbulence also retains the removeable left leg rest unit which you can see used to excellent effect in this video clip of Livio Lamonea playing Dream Theater’s Another Day solo. Note the guitarist’s relaxed and neutral sitting position.

The Delta Wing and its offshoots make for an unusual design that could make some inroads with the rock and rock fusion crowd.

7 Responses to “Gary Kramer Turbulence Electric Guitar”

  1. Interesting. Now, is it just me, or does it look like a fanned-fret neck design? I didn’t see anything on the site about fanned frets, but (especially in the lower register) the frets looked angled.


    1. It looks to me like the video frame has been compress horizontally, and the resulting visual distortion gives a slanted appearance to the frets

      1. Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. Thanks!


  2. very cool guitar thanks for the post

    1. Thanks Andrew and welcome to the site. BTW – I recently linked to your Youtube Wedge guitar demo – Ellis Wedge Acoustic Guitar in our How Does That Guitar Sound? forum area.

      1. Here is another example of a wedged acoustic guitar this time on a 000 12 fret small body guitar. Linda Manzer came up with a great design approximately 50% of our customers request the wedge design.

        thanks for the link

  3. this guitar rips i played it in vegas at the guitar center, the 12 other frets are kinda hard to hit though.