ETS Headless Guitar Bridge

In keeping with ongoing efforts to gather as much as possible on headless guitar bridge parts, here is hardware from German manufacturer ETS – suggested to me by both reader Jelle Schrijver and Martin Koch, author of Building Electric Guitars.

ETS Headless Guitar Bridge Solutions

Besides its more standard offerings, ETS makes a variety of headless guitar bridges for both bass guitar and electric guitar. Standard choices range from 4 string to 7 string bridges.

These are available in one of two aesthetic choices – an angular look and a rounded look.

Pictured here is a 4 string angular solution:

ETS Headless Bridge Angular

And here is a 5 string rounded solution:

ETS Headless Bridge Round

Custom Solutions Available

ETS also made it clear that they are open to building custom solutions if one of their standard offerings doesn’t meet a guitar maker’s needs. This includes custom spacing, special designs, piezo pickups in the bridge, etc. As they say, “inquire within”.


Bridges are available directly from ETS with a lead time of 15 days (not including shipping) for their standard products with payment available through Paypal.

13 Responses to “ETS Headless Guitar Bridge”

  1. Wow… I think they look great!

    1. Personally, I like the angular models better but for their lower profile but it all depends on the what you’re going after. Besides appearance, the angular model is a lower profile so that could be a consideration depending on the overall design.

  2. Keep in mind that the 15 days is probably for stock items. I’m having a custom piece made by ETS and it’s taking significantly longer. Which is fine since they’re a relatively small company and pretty nice-seeming guys besides; however, be aware that if you have a mission-critical need for the piece, give yourself plenty of time.

    1. Of course I have to ask – What’s this special piece you have them working on? 🙂

  3. I am making good progress on my tuners/bridge and have posted a progress pic on my site.×300.jpg

    Also, I have made all my drawings and plans available under Creative Commons licensing, which means that you could make your own as long as you credit me.

    1. Thanks for the update Ola! Very impressive and very generous of you to release your drawings and plans under Creative Commons.

  4. Here’s my experience with ETS: They won’t even acknowledge you unless you appear to the to be a dealer, luthier, etc. Admittedly, that was before Mr. M of ABM passed away, so ETS may have changed their business model a bit.

    I finally was able to get a quote through BassLabs. My quote for a 7-string headless set + 7 Tuning Fork bridges (I’m going with a multi-scale design) was 325 Euros + shipping + import duties.


    1. Thanks for the feedback on your experiences with them, Ray. And maybe they have changed their business model with ABM out of the picture.

      But in the interest of completeness, I mention them as another vendor.

    2. My email brought an initial response about whether I was a luthier or and end-user and then yesterday I got this 2nd reply. Newbie Brad


      thank you for your inquiry.

      Our products for endcustomer can be referred over the following dealer :

      BassLine Bassparts
      Mühlenweg 52
      47839 Krefeld
      Telefon: +492151-736496
      Fax: +492151-743625

      Please contact this business about the price and information
      Thank you and have a nice day.

      Norbert Heinzinger

      ETS Bass & Guitar Hardware
      Wildparkstr.19f, 63456 Hanau Germany
      Fon +49 (0) 6181 9452877
      Fax +49 (0) 6181 6680896

      1. Interesting, Newbie Brad. It seems they still need to work out issues with their customer service. I didn’t get this at all. When I inquired, my understanding was that I would be able to deal with them directly.

  5. Can anyone tell me the Length-width-depth of a standard Klein electric body? Regards G

  6. Hi Graham,

    The Klein dimensions are:

    If you were looking at the Klein with the bridge to your left and the nut/headpiece to your right,

    From the upper edge heel area where the body starts, meeting between the 18th & 19th frets, to the farthest section of the forearm contour is:
    13 – 5/8″

    From the lowest part of the leg rest area to the upper most section of the forearm contour is:
    15 – 5/8″

    The thickness is:


  7. I also tried to inquire about a custom bridge or modifying one of theirs, and got brushed off to the bassparts site.

    Is there anyone in here who has custom milling capabilities that may be interested in doing a custom base plate for a multi-scale 8 string?