Guitar Building Ebook Available

Building Electric Guitars Martin Koch

Looking for a guitar building ebook? Then look no further than Martin Koch’s Building Electric Guitars Ebook.

I highly recommend this ebook. Like its hard copy version, it takes you step by step through the design, building and set up of solid-body, hollowbody and semi-acoustic electric guitars. I reached for it over and over again while working on my first project guitar. And unlike other guitar building books on the market, this one includes information on headless guitars.

Click to view a sample chapter and purchase the book – Building Electric Guitars Ebook.

For my review, go here. If you prefer, you can get a hard copy here – Building Electric Guitars.

And for more guitar building books and resources, check out Building Guitars – 10 Resources to Get Started.

2 Responses to “Guitar Building Ebook Available”

  1. This was the first guitar-building resource I bought, in e-Book format. Not to say anything bad about the other books out there, but I really do prefer Martin’s approach. He makes the entire process accessible, and leaves very few holes that need to be filled with your own research. Specialized parts will still need to be researched on your own (for example, he doesn’t say much about locking trem systems), but I think that’s a very reasonable thing to expect. No book can be completely exhaustive without being obscure or overly dense.

    So, 9 guitar picks out of 10 over here!


    1. Thanks for the input Greg and great point about the book being “accessible”. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with a new subject and Building Electric Guitars gives the would be guitar maker just what’s needed to succeed.