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Discover the Guitar Blogosphere!

Atomic Guitarist’s Jason Parker recently kicked off the Guitar Blogs Discovery Project – a list of guitar blogs meant to spread the word among readers and bloggers alike. For readers, it’s a great opportunity to discover some true gems. Here in one easy list, is a cross section of guitar blogs covering topics like guitar […]

October 2007 Most Popular Posts

Here’s a look at October’s most popular articles according to most visits and most comments: Most Visits: Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass – Part guitar, part bass and part Chapman stick, this instrument is the result of a collaboration between Crimson Guitars and drummer/extended bass guitarist 05Ric. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs […]

September 2007 Most Popular Posts

The “votes” are in and here are the most popular posts for the month of September broken out into two categories – most comments and most visits. Most Comments: 1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – My tongue in cheek take on the bit of silliness known as the Gibson Reverse […]

100 Posts and Counting!

This past Monday marked my 100th post on Building the Ergonomic Guitar – a small but significant milestone. I started this blog to document my first guitar project, note ideas around ergonomic design, discuss Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and track guitar building related material. These subjects will always remain at its heart. Since then, I’ve […]

August 2007 Most Popular Posts

Most Comments: 1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – Gibson Guitar Corporation shows us just how unimaginative it is with their Reverse Flying Vee. 2. The Hohner EGS Electric Guitar – Despite Gibson’s example (see #1), Hohner shows us that a major company can be innovative with the introduction of its […]

How To Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps

From those great innovators over at Gibson Guitar Corporation… 1. Start with a 1958 design originally intended to show you weren’t just a stodgy old guitar company being shown up by the likes of upstart Leo Fender. 2. Turn the guitar body 180 degrees. 3. Stick a neck in the vee’s crotch. 4. Proclaim it […]

Improving the Reader Experience

To improve the user experience on this guitar blog, I made several changes to reduce clutter, speed up web page loading and increase the focus on site content. Banished from the Front Page Google Ads Related Articles listings Social Bookmarking links These were contributing to an overly long and busy home page thus detracting from […]

July 2007 Most Popular Posts

Most Comments: 1. Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player – Guitarist Tim Miller impresses us on his Klein Electric Guitar. 2. Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick – Guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick performs with his Klein Guitar on “Meditation”. 3. Eight ways To Combat RSI – I cover self-help activities […]

Eight (8) Random Facts About Me

Guitar blogger JP at Strat-O-Blogster recently tagged me with the blog meme “Eight Random Facts About Me”. For those unfamiliar with blog memes, it’s a question or topic passed from one blog to another. The result is something of a conversation carried across multiple sites. I don’t often talk about myself but I thought this […]

June 2007 Most Popular Posts

For June 2007, I’ve included the five articles with the most comments along with the five posts with the greatest traffic. And, please keep the comments coming! Your observations and experiences help make this a better guitar blog! Now, onto the lists… Most Highly Commented: 1. The Aluminum T-Beam Electric Guitar – This fascinating electric […]