September 2007 Most Popular Posts

The “votes” are in and here are the most popular posts for the month of September broken out into two categories – most comments and most visits.

Most Comments:

1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – My tongue in cheek take on the bit of silliness known as the Gibson Reverse Flying Vee.

2. George Harlan Demos the Delta Wing Guitar – Tyrant21’s guitarist shows off the latest from Gary Kramer Guitars.

3. Shamray Guitars Reinterprets the Ovation Breadwinner – Shamray Guitars’ sapele Breadwinner 12 string guitar.

4. Frisell & Baron Perform Wildwood Flower – The latest Bill Frisell YouTube video featured here.

5. 100 Posts and Counting! – Building the Ergonomic Guitar reaches a small but significant milestone.

Most Visits:

1. Headless Guitar Resources for Guitar Builders – Headless guitars typically use specialized hardware and this article collects several important resources.

2. The Forshage Hollowbody Electric Guitar – Chris Forshage’s modern take on guitar ergonomics continues to draw attention.

3. Making The Klein Electric Guitar Template – My general approach to creating the template used for my first project guitar.

4. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – What I think of the Gibson reverse flying vee.

5. Guitar Build – Neck Pocket Complete – Covers the process of routing out my project guitar’s neck pocket.

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