Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Neck

Having covered the Shamray guitar body, it’s now time to look at some of the steps in building the guitar neck.

Here’s a good look at the wood that will make up the headstock, the fretboard and the 3 piece laminated neck:

Wood for Guitar Neck

A laminate guitar neck is more dimensionally stable than a one piece neck. With the glue joints actually stronger than the wood, this a good choice for a 12 string guitar:

Laminate Neck Glued Up

Further along, we see the “ears” added that will become the headstock:

Headstock Wood Added

Double truss rods control the neck – again, a good choice for a 12 string guitar:

Double Truss Rods for Neck

Lots of filing and sanding and the guitar neck and headstock take shape:

Guitar Neck Takes Shape

A close up of the fret sawing:

Fret sawing

Here’s a great look at the neck with its finish applied. The figuring really pops:

Guitar Neck with Finish

The guitar neck and body come together:

Guitar Neck and Body

And here’s a look at the finished guitar:

12 String Guitar

Finally, I’d like to thank Shamray Guitars for the opportunity to share the build process for their Ovation Breadwinner 12 string guitar.

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  1. Wow! Nice woods!