Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Body

Shamray Guitars was kind enough to share progress pictures of the Ovation Breadwinner style 12 string guitar we looked at in Shamray Guitars Reinterprets the Ovation Breadwinner. Let’s take a look at some of the steps in the building of the guitar body…

The initial mockup:


The sapele body blank:

Sapele Body Blank

The plan drawing on the body blank:

Pattern on Body Blank

The flush trimmed two-piece body before contouring:

CO-12 Guitar Flush Trim

The neck pocket route:

CO-12 Neck Pocket Route

The guitar body gains its contours:

CO-12 Forearm Contour

The pickup routing:

CO-12 Pickup Route

A front view of the guitar body:

CO-12 Guitar Body

A rear view of the guitar body:

CO-12 Guitar Body Rear View

In the next installment, we’ll look at the laminate set neck build and its mating to the guitar body.

7 Responses to “Progress Pictures of the Shamray Guitar Body”

  1. Rob,

    Pass on a big “Thanks” for me.


    1. Will do, Ray. More to come in the next installment. Look out for it next week.

  2. Man, this is one of the coolest guitar blogs I’ve seen.

    When I saw the name Ergonomic I had to check it out.

    That’s one of the neatest guitars I’ve ever seen. Probably plays like a gem with those humbuckers too…


    1. Thanks for saying so Jason and welcome to the blog!

  3. Greetings, I think that the headstock design works well with the body. A vast improvement over the Breadwinner IMO. Did you consider book matching the wood used on the body ?

    1. As much as I would have loved too, I actually could not bookmatch the body, as the only available board of that AAAAA pomelle Sapele was too narrow.

      have a look at the “Pattern On Body Blank” pic above… you can see that we could only “flitch-match” the body, and just barely squeezed it in to the board with a couple of millimeters to spare! 😀

  4. Nice piece of work. I wonder how a neck-through would have worked.