June 2007 Most Popular Posts

For June 2007, I’ve included the five articles with the most comments along with the five posts with the greatest traffic. And, please keep the comments coming! Your observations and experiences help make this a better guitar blog! Now, onto the lists…

Most Highly Commented:

1. The Aluminum T-Beam Electric Guitar – This fascinating electric guitar project by Alexander Gorm Øst incorporates a unique aluminum neck construction method along with an ergonomic guitar shape.

2. Leo Burrell’s Acoustic Guitars – A Follow Up – Leo Burrell’s instruments are truly unique and warranted a follow up to my original post – Burrell Guitars – Instruments That Conform to the Guitarist.

3. Blogger’s Choice Awards Nomination! – Building the Ergonomic Guitar was nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award! It’s a great opportunity to get the word out about our niche subject so please show your support by casting your vote!

4. Jazz Guitarist Joe Giglio Jams on His Forshage Electric Guitar – A great live performance by a wonderful jazz guitarist on his radical guitar by luthier Chris Forshage.

5. Repetitive Strain Injury Resources (RSI) – Workrave, Alexander Technique – Recently reminded of my own troubles with Repetitive Stress Injury (aka Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI), this is the first of what will become a regular series on guitar health.

Most Highly Trafficked:

1. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – This collection of information on sources for headless guitar components is a steady favorite month in and month out.

2. Building the Ergonomic Guitar Template – One of the biggest challenges I faced when trying to make my own guitar was coming up with the template that would form the actual work. Here I documented my general approach to coming up with a template, deciding on template materials and actually making the guitar template.

3. The Forshage HollowBody Electric Guitar – An extraordinary electric guitar by Chris Forshage, it represents some of the latest thinking on ergonomic guitars. And since we are talking about making music, the guitar sounds amazing. Check out Joe Giglio’s performance for more.

4. Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Guitar Body – More on this fascinating instrument, we see the guitar body come together.

5. Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments – Todd Keehn’s use of Steinberger tuners and conventional bridge open up additional options for headless guitar builders.

A special mention goes out to the the Spanish, Portuguese and French blog translations of Building the Ergonomic Guitar which are quickly moving up the traffic ranks. Driven by Google and Babelfish translation services and Angsuman’s Translator Plugin, these machine driven translations have the potential of extending the reach of our guitar blog to an even larger audience. Thanks to Angsuman for his fine work on this great WordPress plugin.

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