Roger Placer Demos the Forshage Electric Guitar

Here’s a great demonstration of the Forshage Headless Hollowbody Electric Guitar by solo artist Roger Placer. Roger comments on the basic features of his built-to-order Forshage, contrasts its design with the Klein Electric Guitar and then demonstrates the guitar’s range of tones. Beautiful woods, unique design and versatile electronics come together to produce a truly impressive guitar built by Austin luthier Chris Forshage.

Here are some of the guitar’s specs:

  • Mahogany body with quilted maple top
  • Seven piece laminate figured maple neck
  • Cocobolo fingerboard
  • Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker in the neck
  • Lindy Fralin Strat pickups in the middle and bridge positions
  • Individual toggle switches for pickup selection
  • Pull pot places the single coil pickups in series approximating a humbucker tone

Now a little bit about Roger Placer from Roger himself:

I’m a solo artist in New Jersey and I play in a style influenced by jazz and ambient sounds, but I’m definitely not a diehard “jazz guy.” I have mostly focused on writing and recording and have 3 CD’s to my name as well as a bunch of random stuff. I gig occasionally in small spaces, but mostly I play for fun and passionate interest in music and the guitar.

To learn more about Roger Placer and his music, visit him at

5 Responses to “Roger Placer Demos the Forshage Electric Guitar”

  1. Beauty of a guitar! Lots of versatile tones. Neck + middle FTW! 😉 Excellent demo by Roger, too. Thanks for sharing, to all involved.

  2. Yes, great video-demo, Roger! I can’t believe all the sounds on that thing!


    1. I have just dared to send Chris an email asking what he thinks about designing an acoustic flattop adaptation of his ergonomic guitar… I would love to own a creature like that. I’m sure there are construction challenges involved, but I’m wondering what he will say…!

  3. Very exciting! I’d love to see an acoustic interpretation of Chris’ guitar. Please keep us posted!

  4. Nice piece!