August 2007 Most Popular Posts

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1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – Gibson Guitar Corporation shows us just how unimaginative it is with their Reverse Flying Vee.
2. The Hohner EGS Electric Guitar – Despite Gibson’s example (see #1), Hohner shows us that a major company can be innovative with the introduction of its Ergonomic Guitar System.
3. Toone Guitars’ Orchid Bass – Rick Toone’s take on an ergonomic bass guitar. It’s in its early stages with more to come over the next few months.

4. And now…Bill Frisell – What’s there to say? Frisell is a phenomenal guitarist and he happens to be playing a Klein Electric guitar in this YouTube video.
5. More on the Hohner EGS Electric Guitar – Additional details regarding Hohner’s guitar design.

Most Visits:

1. Big Rock Guitar Picks – My long term review of Big Rock’s unique guitar picks.
2. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – I still can’t believe Gibson is producing the Reverse Flying Vee and pretending it is anything more than a bad joke perpetrated on the guitar community.
3. The Hohner EGS Electric Guitar – Hohner’s unique solution to the problem of guitar ergonomics.
4. The Forshage Hollowbody Electric Guitar – My original article on the Forshage ergonomic guitar continues to draw great interest.
5. Headless Guitar Resources for Guitar Builders – Month in and month out, this collection of ideas for headless guitar designs draws consistent traffic.

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