October 2007 Most Popular Posts

Here’s a look at October’s most popular articles according to most visits and most comments:

Most Visits:

Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass – Part guitar, part bass and part Chapman stick, this instrument is the result of a collaboration between Crimson Guitars and drummer/extended bass guitarist 05Ric.

Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – Headless guitar parts can be tough to source so I’ve collected several key resources for those interested in making a headless guitar.

Forshage Hollow Body electric guitar – Chris Forshage takes ergonomic electric guitar design to the next level with an incredibly versatile instrument.

Making The Klein Electric Guitar Template – Knowing how often fellow guitar builders try to figure out the best way to make a template, I thought it valuable to share my general approach.

Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1 – We take a closer look at the construction of this unusual ergonomic guitar.

Most Comments:

Headless Guitar Design Alternative – Scott French
– Scott French offers a great headless guitar alternative based on conventional guitar tuners and bridge.

Alan Barley’s Forshage Ergonomic Headless Guitar – Another example of Forshage’s ergonomic design.

Guitar Parts Maker ABM Mueller is gone… – ABM Mueller, makers of headless guitar components as well as other guitar parts is going out of business – a significant blow for headless guitar builders everywhere.

Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass – 05Ric spent two years working out the design which Crimson Guitars so wonderfully brought to life.

Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1 – The Chapman Stick like instrument during construction.

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