05Ric Playing His Extended Range Guitar

Musician 05Ric planned this extended range guitar over the course of two years – an instrument first looked at in Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass. Now let’s take a look and have a listen to 05Ric on his Crimson Guitars ERB:

Thanks to reader Ray DeGennaro for pointing out this Youtube video.

5 Responses to “05Ric Playing His Extended Range Guitar”

  1. What’s the software or pedal he’s used to loop the bassline, do you know? I saw KT Tunstall build a whole song from looped voice and guitar parts with a few percussive slaps thrown in for good measure. Presumably, there’s another pedal you could stomp that would change the pitch of all the loops without speeding up or slowing down so that you could build quite a multi-layered composition on which to improvise…


    1. There’s several brands with different features. There are loop pedals that can change the tempo, reverse the sample, quantize the samples to a tapped measure, pitch shift, etc. Boss makes two, unfortunately I don’t remember the model numbers. There’s also a web site called “Looper’s Delight” (sorry you’ll need to Google that one too) that has a lot of info.


  2. That’s the first time I’ve seen an Ergonomic guitar in action.

    Some interesting stuff.

    1. Jason – Take a look at the Guitar Players topic where you’ll find a number of guitarists playing ergonomic instruments.

  3. LOOPING SOFTWARE – With regard to the looping of multiple layers / parts in realtime.
    The best software solution is LIVE 8 – http://www.ableton.com/

    Check out the section – Looping with Live – http://www.ableton.com/live-8

    Not only for guitarists, the Ableton Looper gives you classic sound-on-sound looping without the limitations of a hardware device. Looper is set up for remote operation, so you can record, overdub, undo and more without touching the computer. Tempo is set automatically from first part laid down without the need for a metronome – Brilliant !

    You can download a 14 day free trial and Live is very stable and runs very well on a laptop great for stage use. Go for it – Knock yourself out !!!!