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February 2008 Most Popular Posts

February 2008 Most Popular Posts

Time to recap the past month’s five most popular articles.

Year 3 – Better. Stronger. Faster.

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Building the Ergonomic Guitar – not a small feat for a site that started as a means of documenting my personal research.

The Return of Steve Klein and the Klein Electric Guitar?

It seems the rumors are true – guitar maker Steve Klein, creator of the Klein electric guitar, intends to resume production!

January 2008 Most Popular Posts

January 2008 Most Popular Posts

Catch up on January 2008’s most popular articles among Building the Ergonomic Guitar’s readers. Did you miss reading any of these?

A New Advertising Format

Today marks the official launch of a new advertising format on Building the Ergonomic Guitar – 125×125 ad spots featured prominently above the sidebar content.

December 2007 Most Popular Posts

December 2007 Most Popular Posts

The five most highly viewed articles for the month of December 2007. Discover them for the first time or read them again!

BTEG’s Best Guitars of 2007

Our picks for most innovative guitars – electric, acoustic and bass – of 2007.

New to Building the Ergonomic Guitar?

Recently, BTEG has received a huge influx of new traffic and with it some basic questions about what it is, why it is and how to get the most out of it. So if you’re new to the site, let me share a few tips to help you get the most out of this frequently […]

Building the Ergonomic Guitar Reloaded

Building the Ergonomic Guitar now has a new design and logo! Come on over, dig around and let me know what you think.

November 2007 Most Popular Posts

In case you missed these or wondered what fellow readers found most interesting, here are the most highly viewed posts for the month of November.