November 2007 Most Popular Posts

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In case you missed these or wondered what fellow readers found most interesting, here are the most highly viewed posts for the month of November:

Making Guitars – 10 Resources for Getting Started – Looking to get started building guitars? Here are ten essential books, forums and tutorials to get you started.

Make Your Own Headless Guitar Tuners! – Reader Jeff Turpin shares several approaches to making your own headless tuning keys. With headless guitar parts frequently difficult to source, this is a great alternative that’s not considered often enough.

Woodworking with the Router: A Review – As a guitar builder, one of the most critical tools you’ll work with is the router. This is my review of one of the best guides to its safe and effective use.

Guitar Building Parts for Headless Guitar Designs – Month in and month out, folks visit this article looking for options. It’s updated regularly and worth revisiting.

Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1 – This unique extended range instrument by Crimson Guitars combines aspects of bass, guitar and Chapman stick. First covered in Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass, its build progress has been continued in Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 2 with a Part 3 to follow soon.

Which were your favorites?

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