December 2007 Most Popular Posts

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Here are the five most highly viewed articles for the month of December 2007. Discover them for the first time or read them again!

The Orchid Bass Sprouts An Unusual Neck – Toone Guitars challenges our assumptions on ergonomic guitar design with its Orchid bass – a highly sculpted design with a decidedly un-Klein guitar body and a truly unique trapezoidal neck profile.

Make Your Own Headless Guitar Tuners ! – Reader Jeff Turpin shares several approaches to making guitar keys for headless instruments. With headless guitar parts far more difficult to obtain than conventional ones, building your own tuners is worth considering.

Lavish Guitar ‘s Kleincaster – A Klein clone entry, the Kleincaster combines the Klein’s ergo body with a Telecaster neck. It and the aforementioned Orchid bass guitar illustrate that headless guitars don’t have a lock on ergonomics.

Making Guitars – 10 Resources for Getting Started – This collection of guitar making books, forums and vendors will get you on your way to becoming a guitar builder.

Guitar Parts Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – Month in and month out, this article has proven itself to be one of the site’s most popular articles in both visits and comments. If you’re looking for ideas on headless guitar parts, check out the article as well as the reader comments.

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2 Responses to “December 2007 Most Popular Posts”

  1. What if the previous month’s “Most Popular Posts” turned out to be the most popular post? That would be a bit worrying.

    1. LOL. That would be worrisome wouldn’t it? Fortunately, no such danger so far. 🙂