Torzal Electric Guitar

Little Guitar Works, primarily known for bass instruments, has also produced the Torzal 6 String Electric guitar. With it, Jerome Little brings the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) fighting benefits of his Torzal twist neck to the electric guitar player.

Torzal Electric Guitar

From Little Guitar Works page on how the Torzal neck works

Attention to good technique and good habits can go a long way, but we are asking our bodies to adapt to the instrument. Wouldn’t it be easier to adapt the instrument to our bodies?

Sound familiar? 🙂 The explanation continues…

Our solution is actually very simple: angle the neck at the nut downward to allow a more neutral wrist position for the fretting hand.

In essence, the closer to neutral we operate our joints, the less opportunity for injury. The wrist joint is particularly susceptible to CTS or RSI due to its construction which has limited room for the structures that run through it. By reducing flexion (bending of the wrist) we reduce the strain on these areas.

For more, see Fox News’ coverage of this instrument – A Guitar with a ‘Twist’.

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  1. Lately I have started to like more and more this kind of guitars even if I am a fan of Ibanez like guitars since all my guitar life

    1. There’s always room to expand your palette!