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Building The Ergonomic Guitar Blog Version 2.0

With guitar build #1 almost complete and the new Blogger functionality out of beta, the time is right to make a number of changes and improvements to the blog format. I have Blogcrowds to thank for the base template I’ve now heavily modified. The most obvious change is the new look of the blog. In […]

Is Klein Electric Guitars No More?

Klein Electric Guitars may not be long for this world. Yesterday, a participant of the Klein Electric Guitars Yahoo Group reported finding a note on the site stating the following: “Note: Klein Electric Guitars is no longer taking new orders at this time.” This screenshot confirms this: According to reports on the group, Klein Electric […]

Upcoming Changes to Building The Ergonomic Guitar

Following’s misuse of my blog content (see my post is lifting my Content without Permission!), its misrepresentation of my content’s source as a fictitious participant on their forum and their misdirection of traffic away from my blog, I felt I had to make several changes to the site in order to better protect […]

Slight return…

Finally, I’m well enough to look toward resuming my electric guitar build project. As I noted in my post Dealing With Repetitive Strain Injury…, I had been suffering from RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury. Unfortunately, the situation got worse before it got better. Fortunately, it did get better from a combination of rest, reduced activity, […]

Blog Day 1 - An Explanation and a Dedication

Blog Day 1 – An Explanation and a Dedication

I’ve started this guitar blog in order to document my research into ergonomic considerations for the guitar as well as to document my attempt at building such a guitar (or guitars). For my first project, I intend to build a Klein-like electric guitar. For those unfamiliar with this design, the Klein (seen to the left) […]