Year 3 – Better. Stronger. Faster.

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of Building the Ergonomic Guitar – not a small feat for a site that started simply as a means of documenting my personal research into ergonomic guitar designs in support of my first ever project guitar.

Two years later, BTEG has expanded to include a great deal more starting with detailed coverage of unique guitar designs by a range of guitar makers and luthiers. Along the way, performances, instrument accessories and RSI issues have also featured prominently. But throughout, the intent and focus has remained the same – to explore designs and concepts that adapt the guitar to the guitarist and not the guitar player to the guitar.

Thank you for your support!

For two years, I have been handsomely rewarded by a growing readership and the many relationships I’ve developed with guitar makers, vendors and folks like you who share an interest in the site’s core message. And so, I’d like to take a moment to thank some of the folks that have made this possible.

First, I’d like to thank the site’s readers. You have been extraordinary in your support. I appreciate the comments that add to our understanding, the great leads you have provided and your efforts to get the word out about BTEG. Thanks to everyone for their support, their interest and involvement in making this a success and a growing information hub and resource.

Second, I’d like to thank of all of the guitar builders and guitar parts makers – both professional and amateur – at the forefront of innovative guitar design. Thank you for all the time you take out of your busy schedules to provide our growing community with fresh ideas and food for thought.

Third, I have to thank Guitar Parts Central for its continued support of Building the Ergonomic Guitar. Their sponsorship of the site helps to keep the lights running. They’ve been with us since early 2007 and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Finally, I absolutely must thank my wonderful wife Sakinah. She has been without a doubt my greatest supporter. Imagine going to your loved one, having no previous woodworking skills, and saying, “Honey, I want to build a guitar. And not just your typical Strat or Les Paul but a special kind of guitar – an ergonomic guitar.” Rather than pat me on the head and tell me, “That’s nice dear” she supported me every step of the way. The same has held true for my efforts to expand BTEG’s reach, the time I spend communicating with vendors, builders and readers and the time it takes to maintain a growing site. Thank you so much!

Year 3 – What’s next?

So as we start year 3, the question is, “what will this year bring?” Suffice it to say, Building the Ergonomic Guitar will continue to stay strongly focused on its core themes. It will continue to grow as a resource not only for those who have already discovered the benefits of designing guitars for the human body but for those who are discovering it for the first time…

Oh yes, there’s a new site design based on the Structure theme by Justin Tadlock. Hope you enjoy it.

10 Responses to “Year 3 – Better. Stronger. Faster.”

  1. Well, happy anniversary and long live BTEG blog! The new theme is nicer, sharper and at the same time somehow warmer.

  2. @Ovidiu: Thank you for your well wishes and I’m glad you like the new theme. Although the November theme change was a major improvement on the previous layout, I was still craving something more distinctive and clean. I think the new layout accomplishes that while bringing greater focus to the various elements.

  3. Congratulations Robert! You have done a wonderful job with the site and I love every update.


  4. Thumbs up!

  5. Robert, BTEG looks great. Nice IT work.

    Thank you for being an invaluable resource to our small but passionate community of luthiers & musicians…who are pushing the frontiers of contemporary instrument design.

    (raises glass)

    Cheers! Toward the future…

  6. @Al, Steven and Rick:

    Thanks so much for your support. I’m only too glad to help get the word out!

  7. Hi, Robert! It’s been a long time for me, since my last visit. I always thought the info and work on your site was amazing and unique, but I used to think there was too much contrast between the pro-site and the “not so pro” web design…but now I have absolutely no negative comments about your site! the new design is so much better! I love it! I’m glad too see you’re always improving youself! that’s what makes a great artist!

    Question: I was gone for a long time…have you made another guitar build since your first?

    Greetings, keep on the great work


    1. @Gabriel – First of all, welcome back!

      Like learning about guitar building, the site design has also been a work in progress. The earliest days of the site were on Google’s free Blogger service and it wasn’t until last April that I registered the domain name and went about learning about WordPress (the blogging engine behind the scenes), HTML and SEO. Not being a designer but an IT person by trade, I focused on functionality over appearance/presentation.

      But ultimately, there’s no denying the value of presentation in getting a message across so I turned to reworking the site back in November. It started with an honest to goodness logo and an interim site design change but I still wasn’t entirely happy with the 3 column layout.

      Fortunately, I found what I was looking for in designer Justin Tadlock’s Structure theme (links in the footer) which I’ve adapted for BTEG. Tadlock likes my customization so much that he indicated that BTEG will be included in an upcoming showcase of sites that use his theme. I guess that means I did a decent job of it. 🙂

      No new builds just yet but ideas are floating around my brain. Just a matter of time…

  8. A belated Happy Anniversary to the blog and a Happy Birthday to you today babe!

    1. @Sakinah – Thanks so much! 😀