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1. Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player – Guitarist Tim Miller impresses us on his Klein Electric Guitar.

2. Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick – Guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick performs with his Klein Guitar on “Meditation”.

3. Eight ways To Combat RSI – I cover self-help activities to avoid or deal with Repetitive Stress Injury.

4. David Torn’s Trans-Trem Klein Electric Guitar – Producer, composer, recording artist and guitarist David Torn explains and demonstrates the Steinberger Trans-Trem on his Klein Electric.

5. 8 random facts about me – I share a few odd/interesting bits about myself in my response to this blog meme.

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1. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – While the selection is relatively small in terms of headless guitar parts, this article gathers them up and offers some alternatives.

2. Building the Ergonomic Guitar Template – How to make a guitar template frequently comes up and this documents how I went about making one for my first guitar project.

3. The Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar – This radical electric guitar design by Austin luthier Chris Forshage represents state of the art thinking in ergonomic guitar shapes. With it, Chris addresses some of the concerns he had with the Klein electric Guitar – widely regarded as one of the most ergonomic forms in electric guitar design.

4. Roger Placer Demos the Forshage Electric Guitar – A great guitar design is nothing if it doesn’t sound good and so Roger Placer takes us through a great demonstration of the instrument’s versatility.

5. Alternative Headless Guitar Design – TK Instruments – Todd Keehn’s use of Steinberger tuners and conventional bridge increase the number of options for guitar makers considering headless designs.

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