Roger Placer Performs From Gray to Black

Enjoy this YouTube video of guitar player, songwriter and recording artist Roger Placer performing his instrumental “From Gray to Black” on a Klein Electric Guitar:

You’ll also enjoy seeing Roger’s Forshage Hollowbody Guitar demo which illustrates the range and versatility of this radical electric guitar.

For more about Roger Placer and his melding of multiple musical styles, visit his site

3 Responses to “Roger Placer Performs From Gray to Black”

  1. Wow…interesting video… 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks Robert for featuring that… it’s not the cleanest performance but what the heck. That Klein is actually not mine. I was borrowing it for 2 days from a friend. I now have one of my own though, with a Brazilian rosewood neck. I have no videos yet though. Too busy playing it!

    The Klein is much warmer and smoother than the Forshage in general, except that the Forshage’s neck pickup is more classic jazz than the Klein. The Forshage is very woody and dynamic, definitely a hollowbody. The Klein tends to fall squarely into the electric camp.

    Anyway… they’re both awesome. 🙂

    1. Roger, it’s my pleasure! I enjoyed both the composition and the performance and I thought others would as well.

      Thanks for the mini-comparison of the Klein and Forshage. I’m looking forward to your videos with your “new” Klein!