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  1. It’s a shame how little there is to write about in the acoustic guitar realm. The Koll archtop is about the only thing I’ve seen that alters the body profile for the seated guitarist. The “MASH” guitar gets close too, but is really a thin body acoustic. And the Bardophone can’t be purchased, or so it seems.

    Linda Manzer’s “Wedge” needs to be married with a Kleinesque lower bout profile and a headless tuning solution.

    The curse of discovering ergonomic electric guitars is that it can spoil other instruments for you. My Martin HD-28, joyful box of song that it is, is now extremely uncomfortable to play. Maybe some of the readers who build guitars might start thinking…

    1. Agreed Roger. I’d love to write more about acoustic guitars if only there were more on them. I’m looking forward to featuring the acoustic guitar Chris Forshage is building for you.

      Meanwhile, I continue to keep my eyes open. I have an interesting lead or two but I like to touch base with the builders first and have yet to hear back.

    2. Heh.