Al Shaffer Demos the Koll RE7/F Guitar

Al Shaffer returns with a solo demo of the beautiful Koll RE7/F guitar previously covered in Koll Guitars Multi-Scale Archtop and Shaffer on the Koll Multiscale Archtop.

Listen and enjoy.

Many thanks to Al for the follow up video and thank you for mentioning BTEG!

3 Responses to “Al Shaffer Demos the Koll RE7/F Guitar”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! Lovely “woody” bass tones … so pleasing to the ear…Looks Comfortable too …

    1. Sounds great Al, I`m glad you displayed various playing styles. Beautiful sounding instrument indeed.

  2. Sounds very interesting. I am still intrigued by the angle of the headstockless neck but it is an interesting guitar.