More on Canton Electric Guitar Model #2

Here are the latest progress pictures of the electric guitar model last seen in Canton Custom Guitars Design #2.

Mr. Canton on the instrument:

I decided to go further with the rounding of the edges to see what both designs looked like. I also thinned out the top horn and created some more contouring there as well. Also note the output jack location. Right now the fret work needs to be completed and some fine shaping with sandpaper here and there. Next week I will be starting to add oil coats for finish, then it will see final assembly.

The resulting guitar is just beautiful IMHO and I like the contrast created by the front’s sharper edges and the back’s softer organic look.

Canton Electric Guitar Front

Note the highly sculpted heel on the guitar’s bolt on neck. The extended heel on the neck reaches far into the guitar body which explains the unusual bolt pattern.

Canton Electric Guitar Back

Lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished guitar.

Canton Electric Guitar Side View

11 Responses to “More on Canton Electric Guitar Model #2”

  1. Really Sweet! I love it.

    1. Thank you very much Chris,I really like your fantastic work,Rick

  2. You definately took it down to the extreme minimal factor

    “Mr. Canton on the instrument:
    I decided to go further with the rounding of the edges to see what both designs looked like.”

    1. Thank you, I love the shaping/sculpting process.

  3. Sure does look rad and the contouring is excellent. Still waiting to hear about the choice of goncalo alves for the body and bubinga for the fretboard… how much does she weigh?

    1. Thank you Roger, the goncalo alves was an experiment really, I`m interested to hear what it sounds like, my guess is mahogany. To me, the bubinga was a mix of aesthetics (this is a piece of figured bubinga) and tone, it has had a nice mid range tone when I have worked with it. The intention is to get a mix of clarity with mid range warmth, we`ll see how it goes. I`m not sure how much she weights, I`ll include the weight here when she`s done.

      1. Clarity & midrange warmth is a great goal. I love goncalo, padauk, wenge, rosewood and others that can take a minimal (or no) finish. I have three guitars with unfinished necks and they feel great!

      2. Hey Roger
        We have similar preferences in tone, I also love Padauk, rosewood too. One guitar I built for myself has a padauk neck with ebony fretboard, very nice tones. I`ll be experimenting with Wenge necks over the next few months.

  4. Even prettier than the last set of photos!

    1. Thank you Al, your fanned fretboard is almost done.

  5. Beautiful. I also look forward to your progress and completed guitar. Well done.