Canton Custom Guitars – Three New Models

Rick Canton of Canton Custom Guitars just informed me of three new headless guitars he’s building. Rick has this to say about his goals: My intention with these ergonomic models is to create a beautiful guitar that is natural feeling while held, and to provide an effortless playing experience for the musician. I’ll let Rick […]

George Harlan Demos the Delta Wing Guitar

TYRANT21’s George Harlan demonstrates the unusual Delta Wing Guitar from Gary Kramer. Note how the Delta Wing’s leg rest and form contribute to improved balance when compared to the typical electric guitar. Also observe George’s neutral sitting position while playing. He can play the Delta Wing without having to bend over the guitar or raise […]

Wood Identification & Use: A Review

Wood Identification and Use is an essential reference handbook on the nature of wood – including working properties, seasoning, figuring and wood toxicity. Does it surprise you that wood might be toxic? Alder, one of the most commonly used guitar body woods, can cause dermatitis, rhinitis, and bronchial problems in dust form. Mahogany, the other […]

100 Posts and Counting!

This past Monday marked my 100th post on Building the Ergonomic Guitar – a small but significant milestone. I started this blog to document my first guitar project, note ideas around ergonomic design, discuss Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and track guitar building related material. These subjects will always remain at its heart. Since then, I’ve […]

Shamray Guitars Reinterprets the Ovation Breadwinner

Custom guitar shop Shamray Guitars took the ergonomic design of the original Ovation Breadwinner (an inspiration for the subsequent Klein Electric Guitar1 and the Forshage hollowbody guitar) and updated it into this 12 string electric guitar made from striking AAAAA figured sapele wood. For those unfamiliar with sapele, Wood Identification and Use describes it as […]

Woodworking with the Router: A Review

Woodworking with the Router by Bill Hylton is the one router book the aspiring guitar maker should have on the reference shelf. You’re going to spend a great deal of time around wood routers – incredible tools for shaping the guitar body, routing out pickup and control cavities, cutting out truss rod channels etc. And […]

Frisell & Baron Perform Wildwood Flower

Bill Frisell on guitar and Joey Baron on drums perform Wildwood Flower – from a Nov. 12, 1997 appearance at Teatro Masciari in Catanzaro, Italy. Bill is seen playing a Klein electric guitar for the piece. Enjoy.

Make Your Own Electric Guitar – A Review

If guitar building is in your future, Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock is one of the very best books on the subject. Hiscock tackles all the important aspects of guitar construction – design, building the guitar neck and body, wiring pickups and controls, basic finishing, wood choices and tools – through black […]

August 2007 Most Popular Posts

Most Comments: 1. How to Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps – Gibson Guitar Corporation shows us just how unimaginative it is with their Reverse Flying Vee. 2. The Hohner EGS Electric Guitar – Despite Gibson’s example (see #1), Hohner shows us that a major company can be innovative with the introduction of its […]

How To Design a Guitar in Four Easy Steps

From those great innovators over at Gibson Guitar Corporation… 1. Start with a 1958 design originally intended to show you weren’t just a stodgy old guitar company being shown up by the likes of upstart Leo Fender. 2. Turn the guitar body 180 degrees. 3. Stick a neck in the vee’s crotch. 4. Proclaim it […]