George Harlan Demos the Delta Wing Guitar

TYRANT21’s George Harlan demonstrates the unusual Delta Wing Guitar from Gary Kramer. Note how the Delta Wing’s leg rest and form contribute to improved balance when compared to the typical electric guitar. Also observe George’s neutral sitting position while playing. He can play the Delta Wing without having to bend over the guitar or raise the guitar to bring it into a good playing position. No body contortions are necessary.

Although the shape may appeal primarily to the pointy guitar crowd, it’s a big step in the right direction. With it, Gary Kramer has exposed a segment of the guitar player population to something other than the usual designs based around Fender and Gibson models. Now on the market for several years, the Delta Wing Guitar may be another indicator that guitar design philosophy may actually be changing. That said, I vote for a shorter horn…

16 Responses to “George Harlan Demos the Delta Wing Guitar”

  1. Crunch and grind! Fantastic!

    That is a pointy, pointy, pointy guitar…


    1. I thought you might like this one. And, yes – it is indeed pointy but it gets the job done so who am I to complain. 😀

  2. Wait till he impales his throat on the point while rocking out. Not too ergonomic.

    1. I’m not to thrilled about the length of that upper horn either but overall the guitar does sit well. I imagine it also does a lot to encourage you to sit up straight! But since I haven’t been in touch with too much metal lately, I can’t recall if the possibility of being impaled is part of the appeal… 😉

  3. Really wondering: does the upper horn’s extreme form serve any ergonomic or other purpose?

    1. My guess is that the horn contours nicely with your body when standing up.

      1. Good call, John! There’s a follow up video that will show a guitarist playing the Delta Wing while standing.

  4. Not having to bend the back is nice, especially to avoid being hurt by your own guitar. For some reason the guitar reminds me of a large tooth. Like the kind you find at a dentists office – “The Dental Wing” Guitar!

    1. It does look something like a shark tooth, doesn’t it? 🙂

  5. The way the guitar sits is really nice. It looks like he still needs a foot rest, ala textbook Classical position. I know the Kramers have a curved “suport” near the controls, does it flip-out like the new ergonomic Horner?

    BTW, Kramer’s F1 is insane — 7-strings and 36 frets.


    1. The support doesn’t flip out – its a curved metal piece that sticks out but I understand that its removeable.

      I saw that F1 and insane it is! Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about all those extra frets any time soon. I’m still working on the ones I already have. 😉

  6. That upper horn is insane. Me no likey. But I do like the guitar overall.

    1. It seems a lot of us agree – cut down the horn! 🙂

  7. Hey all of you guitar enthusists!! this guitar is really great to play! and has awesome tone and access. I have read the comments here and just wanted to let all know that the guitar has never hit me in the throat or any where else. i want to also leave a link to Gary Kramer Guitars.

    If you are interested to learn more about the product line check out the link above

    Wait till you see whats next from garykramerguitar.

  8. The Klein looks like a sharkfin and this Delta Wing like a sharks tooth. There’s something sharky about all ergonomic guitars!? The marine experts say that the shark has one of the longest evolution and has the most streamlined body to the water, they’ve done tunnel tests. But alas, the shark is the only fish that can’t swim backwards, it has to make a turn, it can’t probe deep into a hole and then back out again. Just a surviving tip for those scuba divers around here…

    If I was a girl playing that Delta Wing guitar, that horn would absolutely get in the way for my … 🙂 🙂
    [hrrm…I know, we could go on into encyclopedic proportions in coming up with locker room jokes on this]

    Have you ever thought about that a guitar that would be ergonomic for GIRLS would have to be shaped ENTIRELY different? Only Steinberger paddles and the like will do, or at least be the same as for guys. Say an acoustic guitar for girls, in my mind, would have to be shaped totally opposite as it is today, with two inbound curves on the top instead of one as it is today.
    I am not kidding.


  9. He’s going to put an eye out with that thing.