Frisell & Baron Perform Wildwood Flower

Bill Frisell on guitar and Joey Baron on drums perform Wildwood Flower – from a Nov. 12, 1997 appearance at Teatro Masciari in Catanzaro, Italy. Bill is seen playing a Klein electric guitar for the piece.


4 Responses to “Frisell & Baron Perform Wildwood Flower”

  1. Cool guitar, but all that digital delay repetition made me switch off, sorry, give me a good heavy sound and a proper beat any day…

    1. My usual listening is along the same lines David – I usually listen to rock and blues. That said, it has been exciting to discover new music (new to me) as I track down videos like this. It’s been educational as well as entertaining. Something more to your liking may be around the corner. 🙂

  2. Of course, I do enjoy other types of music…I’m not *that* narrow, just this one vid didn’t happen to tickle my esthetic ivories as it were…


    1. Not suggesting that at all, David. 🙂 Music is much too personal for those sorts of judgments.