Toone Guitars’ Orchid Bass

Luthier Rick Toone recently made public his Orchid bass guitar – an exciting new project I’ll be watching closely. The customer is a woman bassist who, not surprisingly, finds the typical bass uncomfortable and unwieldy. As Rick states “Halie’s…what…5’4″ 120lbs, or so? A full-sized bass to her is like wrestling with a surfboard.” However, this […]

And now… Bill Frisell

Here’s jazz guitar player and composer Bill Frisell performing on his Klein guitar in this YouTube video of a July 3, 1993 Warsaw, Poland live performance. Joining Bill are Kermit Driscoll on bass and Joey Baron on drums. The composition is Amarillo Barbados: Bill Frisell’s playing on the Nashville album inspired reader PJ Doland to […]

Big Rock Guitar Picks

Guitar picks, despite varying in size, thickness and material, typically share one common trait – they’re flat and thus lack an adequate grip surface. Sweaty fingers and/or heated play can lead to trouble holding the guitar pick as it shifts position or ends up being dropped. In response, the guitar player may end up squeezing […]

Improving the Reader Experience

To improve the user experience on this guitar blog, I made several changes to reduce clutter, speed up web page loading and increase the focus on site content. Banished from the Front Page Google Ads Related Articles listings Social Bookmarking links These were contributing to an overly long and busy home page thus detracting from […]

Tim Miller and the Janek Gwizdala Project

Klein electric guitar player Tim Miller performs here as part of the Janek Gwizdala Project – from a May 2006 live performance in Caracas. Thanks to reader Marc Why of the Marc Why Group for pointing out this YouTube video.

More on the Hohner EGS Electric Guitar

Hohner USA got back to me about the EGS Electric Guitar and here’s what I learned… At this time, the guitar is only available on a special-order basis in the US. This instrument was developed for our overseas market, and we’re still evaluating its viability for the US market. The retail price is $2999.99, and […]

The Hohner EGS Electric Guitar

A radical electric guitar, the Hohner EGS or Ergonomic Guitar System “features a patent-pending design metal made ERGO-WING which allows the player to adjust the position of his electric guitar for perfect posture.” Although details are sparse and only currently available through the Hohner Germany site, the idea is similar to a built-in neck up […]

July 2007 Most Popular Posts

Most Comments: 1. Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player – Guitarist Tim Miller impresses us on his Klein Electric Guitar. 2. Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick – Guitarist and educator Mick Goodrick performs with his Klein Guitar on “Meditation”. 3. Eight ways To Combat RSI – I cover self-help activities […]

Roger Placer Performs From Gray to Black

Enjoy this YouTube video of guitar player, songwriter and recording artist Roger Placer performing his instrumental “From Gray to Black” on a Klein Electric Guitar: You’ll also enjoy seeing Roger’s Forshage Hollowbody Guitar demo which illustrates the range and versatility of this radical electric guitar. For more about Roger Placer and his melding of multiple […]

A Guitarist’s Battle with RSI

In Guitar health: It’s all in the wrist, professional guitarist Dale Turner discusses his problems with Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). Dale first succumbed to RSI back in November 1997. He was playing in an acoustic guitar quartet, recording an instructional CD based on licks by rock guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, and teaching private students. On […]