Building Electric Guitars: A Review

Highly recommended book on guitar building with content for the headless guitar maker.

November 2007 Most Popular Posts

In case you missed these or wondered what fellow readers found most interesting, here are the most highly viewed posts for the month of November.

Discover the Guitar Blogosphere!

Atomic Guitarist’s Jason Parker recently kicked off the Guitar Blogs Discovery Project – a list of guitar blogs meant to spread the word among readers and bloggers alike. For readers, it’s a great opportunity to discover some true gems. Here in one easy list, is a cross section of guitar blogs covering topics like guitar […]

Crimson Guitars ERB in Pictures - Part 2

Crimson Guitars ERB in Pictures – Part 2

more progress pictures of the 05Ric’s extended range bass (ERB) first looked at in Crimson Guitars’ ERB in Pictures – Part 1.

The Torzal Neck Klein Guitar in Action!

Austin, Texas guitarist Justin Telepak demos the unique combination of Little Guitar Works’ Torzal Twist neck with a genuine Klein Electric Guitar.

The Most Ergonomic Electric Guitar Ever?

Little Guitar Works luthier Jerome Little has been busy – busy bringing his remarkable Torzal Natural Twist Neck to the Klein electric guitar!

Henry Olsen's MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Henry Olsen’s MaSh Acoustic Guitar

Innovation in acoustic guitar design.

Make Your Own Headless Guitar Tuners!

Reader Jeff Turpin shares several approaches to DIY headless instrument bridges.

Lavish Guitar’s Kleincaster

What happens when you cross a Klein electric guitar and a Telecaster? That’s easy. You get the “Kleincaster” by Lavish Guitar! A recent entry into the Klein clone arena, this guitar matches a Klein style body with a Telecaster style neck and bridge. Leveraging the ergonomic advantages of the Klein guitar shape – good balance, […]

October 2007 Most Popular Posts

Here’s a look at October’s most popular articles according to most visits and most comments: Most Visits: Crimson Guitars’ 05Ric Extended Range Bass – Part guitar, part bass and part Chapman stick, this instrument is the result of a collaboration between Crimson Guitars and drummer/extended bass guitarist 05Ric. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs […]