Guitar Building Ebook Available

If you prefer your guitar building book in electronic format, then Martin Koch’s work is for you.

ETS Headless Guitar Bridge

ETS Headless Bridge hardware for bass and guitar.

The Return of Steve Klein and the Klein Electric Guitar?

It seems the rumors are true – guitar maker Steve Klein, creator of the Klein electric guitar, intends to resume production!

Fretless Baritone DIY Guitar

Super thin DIY fretless baritone guitar.

January 2008 Most Popular Posts

January 2008 Most Popular Posts

Catch up on January 2008’s most popular articles among Building the Ergonomic Guitar’s readers. Did you miss reading any of these?

A New Advertising Format

Today marks the official launch of a new advertising format on Building the Ergonomic Guitar – 125×125 ad spots featured prominently above the sidebar content.

Lou Reed Performs

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed performs “Heroin” on a Klein electric guitar. The clip is from a documentary on the highly influential Velvet Underground (1965-1973).

Koll Guitars Multi-Scale Archtop

Archtop guitar meets modern features in this unique multi-scale instrument by Koll Guitars.

Ergonomics and Headless Guitars

On the benefits of headless tuning bridges for ergonomic guitars.

Bondy Headless Guitar Bridge

Machinist Jon Bondy’s fixed bridge replacements for the headless Steinberger Trans-Trem, S-Trem, and R-Trem bridges.