Canton Custom Guitars Equinox 2 Complete

Canton Custom Guitars Equinox 2 Complete

Guitar maker Rick Canton completes the Equinox electric guitar.

Headless Monster 5-String Bass

Headless Monster 5-String Bass

In its early stages, Headless Monster is based on Toone’s Orchid Bass and his very own bridge and tuning system based on levers rather than screws.

Al Shaffer Demos the Koll RE7/F Guitar

Al Shaffer returns with a solo demo of the beautiful Koll RE7/F guitar.

April 2008 Most Popular Posts

April 2008 Most Popular Posts

Here are April 2008’s most popular articles. Did you miss any or forget to leave a comment?

More on Canton Electric Guitar Model #2

The latest progress pictures on Canton’s guitar #2.

Shaffer on the Koll Multiscale Archtop

Al Shaffer shares his experiences with the Koll Guitars Multi-Scale Archtop.

Threaded Comments Are Back

Threaded comments? What are threaded comments? Glad you asked.

Redwood Forshage Electric Guitar

Yet another beautiful electric guitar from builder Chris Forshage, this one features a ported bout and a lovely redwood top.

Thank You Guitar Parts Central

For over a year, they’ve helped me focus on the business of bringing you content rather than worry how hosting expenses will be covered.

Joe Giglio Solo – Embraceable You

NYC guitarist Joe Giglio performs “Embraceable You” solo on his Forshage ergo electric guitar.