Guitar Parts Central

If you’re looking for guitar parts for your existing guitar or that next guitar project, take a look at Guitar Parts Central and their selection of guitar and bass parts include bridges, hardware, inlays, pickups, truss rods, tuners, nuts, pickguards, and luthier supplies. While you’re there, you’ll also want to see their inverted pin router […]

Review – Build Your Own Electric Guitar: Custom Guitar Assembly Made Easy

Bill Foley’s Build Your Own Electric Guitar: Custom Guitar Assembly Made Easy is written primarily for the aspiring guitar maker interested in assembling a custom guitar from parts or from a guitar kit (such as those available from Saga). With a straightforward approach, Build Your Own Electric Guitar does an excellent job of explaining topics […]

Repetitive Strain Injury Resources (RSI) – Workrave, Alexander Technique

Recent weeks have reminded me of one of the reasons I started this guitar blog. My wrists have been aching more than usual due to Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. It’s not as bad as when I wrote about it way back in Dealing with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) but nonetheless it’s been a sobering […]

Leo Burrell’s Acoustic Guitars – A Follow Up

Previously covered in Burrell Guitars – Instruments That Conform to the Guitarist , Leo Burrell takes a radical approach to guitar design particularly where it comes to acoustic guitars. Leo’s instruments twist and conform to fit the way the guitarist rather than force the guitarist to conform to the instrument – a fine example of […]

Jazz Guitarist Joe Giglio Jams on His Forshage Electric Guitar

Once again, let’s check out jazz guitarist Joe Giglio’s tasty guitar work and improvisation on his Forshage Electric Guitar. Here, from a September 2006 live performance in New York City, are guitarist Joe Giglio, bassist David Shaich and Drummer Tyrone Govan performing “Can’t Get Startled”: For more of Joe’s guitar work, take a look at […]

Help Me Blog Through These Hot Summer Months

Running the guitar blog Building the Ergonomic Guitar is hard work. Each week, I spend many hours conducting research, reaching out to guitar makers and replying to all the great reader comments and emails. I thoroughly enjoy it but with the summer finally here, I’m getting thirsty from all the work. If you enjoy the […]

Bass Guitar Magazine Reviews the Torzal Twist Bass Guitar

This excellent review by Bass Guitar Magazine’s Ed Friedland covers the craftsmanship, musical aspects and radical design of the Little Guitar Works Torzal Twist Bass. Bass guitar players with wrist problems should take particular note. The most notable aspect of Jerome Little’s bass guitar is the 35 degree twist in the neck. This design feature […]

Blogger’s Choice Awards Nomination!

Building the Ergonomic Guitar has been nominated for Best Hobby Blog at The Blogger’s Choice Awards! If you like what we’re doing here, please take a moment to show your support by clicking on the badge and voting! It’s a great opportunity to get the word out about the value of ergonomics in electric and […]

Guitar Blogging and The Road Ahead

Building the Ergonomic Guitar is now several months into its second year and I’m still as excited about it as I was on day one. Together, we’ve covered some ground discussing ergonomic guitar design and guitar making and I thank everyone for your contributions. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future direction so […]

May 2007 Most Popular Posts

For the month of May 2007, the most popular articles among the readers of Building the Ergonomic Guitar Blog were as follows: 1. The Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar – This radical headless custom electric guitar by Austin luthier Chris Forshage continues to garner attention and interest from readers from around the Net. This month, […]