Jazz Guitarist Joe Giglio Jams on His Forshage Electric Guitar

Once again, let’s check out jazz guitarist Joe Giglio’s tasty guitar work and improvisation on his Forshage Electric Guitar. Here, from a September 2006 live performance in New York City, are guitarist Joe Giglio, bassist David Shaich and Drummer Tyrone Govan performing “Can’t Get Startled”:

For more of Joe’s guitar work, take a look at Joe Giglio Playing His Forshage Hollowbody Electric Guitar.

And, to read more about luthier Chris Forshage’s radical guitar design which was inspired by the Klein Electric Guitar, the Ovation Breadwinner and the Tesla Teuffel, take a look at the following articles:

UPDATE 08.29.2007:
Joe Giglio was recently featured in What’s Hot With Jazz Guitar: Joe Giglio on Guitarsite.com.

5 Responses to “Jazz Guitarist Joe Giglio Jams on His Forshage Electric Guitar”

  1. Its pretty surprising how much that sounds like a jazz box. A bit more top end, but thats what I like anyway, since I’ve been losing my hearing that is!

  2. Really good clear audio recording and guitar sound, especially considering the gig location.

    Guitar has good midrange like a concert size cedar flat top– more midrangy than an arch, but still a warm-tight bottom.

    The recording is amazing. 😮

    1. That occurred to me as well – great outdoor recording especially when you consider it’s New York City. Great tones as well.

      1. I exchanged email with Joe before I ordered my Forshage. He shared the details of his headless guitar, which is quite extensively configured. He has 2 humbuckers (which can be split) plus a single coil in the middle, AND a piezo bridge. So it’s capable of many sounds and who knows what setting he was using here!

        Apparently, it has a walnut top, mahogany body and neck, and ebony board.

        (mine is finally being strung up and readied for delivery – after 9 months I’m ecstatic!)

      2. Thanks for all the added details on Joe’s Forshage!