May 2007 Most Popular Posts

For the month of May 2007, the most popular articles among the readers of Building the Ergonomic Guitar Blog were as follows:

1. The Forshage Hollow Body Electric Guitar – This radical headless custom electric guitar by Austin luthier Chris Forshage continues to garner attention and interest from readers from around the Net. This month, it was picked up by several guitar forums.

2. Guitar Building Resources for Headless Guitar Designs – An older post from September 2006, this article details my findings on headless guitar parts from companies such as Musicyo, Floyd Rose, ABM and Moses Graphite. It also has the distinction of having the most comments of any article to date.

3. Making the Forshage Hollow Body Guitar – Building the Guitar Body – This follow up article in the Forshage series also produced great interest due in no small part to all the great images of this fine instrument in various stages of the guitar building process.

4. Making The Ergonomic Guitar Template – Another blast from the past, I discuss my approach to making a guitar template based on an existing drawing. Not quite a How To but much more than a general overview, I answer questions such as…

  • Where do I get a guitar plan?
  • What material should I use for a guitar template?
  • How do I transfer the plan onto the template material?
  • What tools I should I use to shape the guitar template?

5. Making Guitars – Ten Resources for the Guitar Builder – As a frequent participant on a number of guitar making forums, I come across the question of “How do I make a guitar?” quite often. Fortunately, the resources are out there and I decided to create a list of the ten I found most useful for someone wanting to learn how to build a guitar. Included in the list are resources such as…

  • Books on making electric guitars
  • Forums on guitar building and finishing
  • Guitar building tutorial sites

For last month’s most popular posts see April 2007 Most Popular Posts.

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