Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick

Here’s guitarist Mick Goodrick in a 2005 Montreal Jazz Festival YouTube video playing his Klein Electric guitar. The piece is called “Meditation”: Aside from his work as a musician, Mick is also an educator with several books to his name. Among them are the following: The Advancing Guitarist Almanac of Guitar Voice Leading Vol 1 […]

Eight (8) Ways to Avoid RSI

The threat of guitar related Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) should scare any guitarist. In fact, many musicians suffer from symptoms related to the cumulative stresses brought on by their devotion to their music and their guitars. Unfortunately, many don’t realize the potential consequences. While largely treatable and avoidable, RSI can lead to actual disability. Constant […]

Eight (8) Random Facts About Me

Guitar blogger JP at Strat-O-Blogster recently tagged me with the blog meme “Eight Random Facts About Me”. For those unfamiliar with blog memes, it’s a question or topic passed from one blog to another. The result is something of a conversation carried across multiple sites. I don’t often talk about myself but I thought this […]

Charles Fox and The Ergo Acoustic Guitar

Luthier Charles Fox builds gorgeous acoustic guitars with top notch materials and craftsmanship. That much anyone can gather from perusing his main site – Charles Fox Guitars. But did you know he has a separate site dedicated to his ergonomic acoustic guitar line? Over at Ergo Fine Guitars, you can indulge not only in the […]

David Torn’s Trans-Trem Klein Electric Guitar

Regarded as “Best Experimental Guitarist” in the 1994 Guitar Player Magazine Reader’s Poll, David Torn is many things including producer, composer and recording artist. Here we see him in the role of guitarist demonstrating one of the most interesting innovations in the history of the guitar – The Steinberger Trans-Trem by inventor Ned Steinberger. In […]

The Ovation Breadwinner

A source of inspiration for both the Klein Electric Guitar and the Forshage Headless Electric Guitar, seen and heard in this demo by Roger Placer, the Ovation Breadwinner’s stylings were inspired by the shape of a battle axe! Fortunately, style wasn’t all the guitar designer had in mind. As he states in this interview from […]

Roger Placer Demos the Forshage Electric Guitar

Here’s a great demonstration of the Forshage Headless Hollowbody Electric Guitar by solo artist Roger Placer. Roger comments on the basic features of his built-to-order Forshage, contrasts its design with the Klein Electric Guitar and then demonstrates the guitar’s range of tones. Beautiful woods, unique design and versatile electronics come together to produce a truly […]

June 2007 Most Popular Posts

For June 2007, I’ve included the five articles with the most comments along with the five posts with the greatest traffic. And, please keep the comments coming! Your observations and experiences help make this a better guitar blog! Now, onto the lists… Most Highly Commented: 1. The Aluminum T-Beam Electric Guitar – This fascinating electric […]

Tim Miller – Jazz Guitarist and Klein Electric Guitar Player

Another in the Performances series – Here’s the Mason Brothers Band Live in NYC with guest David Binney on Alto. The band features Brad Mason on Trumpet, Elliot Mason on Trombone and Bass Trumpet, Tim Miller on Guitar, Janek Gwizdala on Bass and Jordan Perlson on Drums: Looking back at previous guitar players in the […]

The Aluminum T-Beam Electric Guitar

Recently, reader Alex G. shared several pictures of his innovative concept for an aluminum neck guitar based around an aluminum T-beam form. The idea definitely piqued my interest and I’m glad to learn that Alex has joined the ranks of guitar bloggers with his own site The Aluminum T-Beam Guitar. There he intends to document […]