Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick

Here’s guitarist Mick Goodrick in a 2005 Montreal Jazz Festival YouTube video playing his Klein Electric guitar. The piece is called “Meditation”:

Aside from his work as a musician, Mick is also an educator with several books to his name. Among them are the following:

For more examples of great guitarists playing ergonomic guitars, see the Performances category.

11 Responses to “Klein Electric Guitar Player Mick Goodrick”

  1. Cool video — Mick’s a monster, and his “Advancing Guitarist” book is a must have for all guitarists!
    If you search YouTube for Jerry Bergonzi, you’ll find a couple other great videos with Mick. You see also that Mick is all about playing with his fingers — his take is that we’ll never realize the full potential of the guitar unless/until we’re playing with all five (not four, i.e. classical guitar) fingers.


    1. Thanks for the input Marc! I actually have a copy of “Advancing Guitarist” although I haven’t advanced along enough to make much use of it. 🙁

      And, that’s quite an interesting comment regarding development of all five fingers. Maybe someday I can worry about that…

  2. Just a note that the video itself says it’s from a festival in 2005. Klein wasn’t making guitars in 1985 and I don’t think Metheny had gray hair either! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the catch! Corrected!

  3. Great playing from both Pat and Mick. As always.
    Thanks for the you tube video. Jobims Meditaation I’ve heard.

  4. This is just such sweet guitar playing. Not easy to play, and the odd thing is, it is only obvious to guitar players just how hard some of this jazz stuff is to play.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave, I’m certainly getting an education in the process. Being primarily a blues and rock guy, some of these jazz guitarists are new to me. Regardless, I’m enjoying every minute of it. I love to hear new stuff so if you or any other readers come across any other recommendations, I’d love to hear about them.

  5. It was generous of Mick to allow the kid to come up and sit in with him. I predict a bright future for that boy.

    1. Of course, I meant no disrespect to the “other” guitarist but this is a blog about ergonomic guitar designs, after all. 🙂 Thanks for the comment and looking forward to more.

  6. I was just kidding around. I love your blog. Thanks!

    1. No worries – I completely took it in the spirit of good fun. 😀 And, of course, its always good to hear readers are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much!