The Torzal Neck Klein Guitar in Action!

Austin, Texas guitarist Justin Telepak demos the unique combination of Little Guitar Works’ Torzal Twist neck with a genuine Klein Electric Guitar in this video provided by Jerome Little of Little Guitar Works. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Video no longer available effective 6.17.2008.

How about that? The Klein’s not just for jazz anymore. 😉

For more on the merging of these two ergonomically beneficial designs see this previous article – Most Ergonomic Electric Guitar Ever?

3 Responses to “The Torzal Neck Klein Guitar in Action!”

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  2. Well, there you go, some country riffing. How about a video of bending some strings a la country style solo on the first 4-5 frets? THAT is what I am interested in. Showing a video when just playing the same riff all the way through doesn’t tell me much.

    And of course, some stretching chords that would be impossible on a regular guitar.


    1. I’ll pass your suggestions along!